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Drip, drip, drip, that is the sound of a leaky faucet, but also could be the sound of water making its way into your home through the roof, a poorly sealed window or a crack in your foundation. Water will find an entry point to your home no matter how big or small the entryway is and will not stop until it is prevented from entering. Water damage in any area of your home comes with costs that can be avoided if you take care of the problem early when it is discovered. Some of the signs of a leaky home are water on the floor, stains on the walls that would indicate water has run down them and dried, or the smell of musk in the basement or the attic. When you notice these problems, the first reaction is to get a mop and bucket and wipe up the water and try a little air freshener to combat the smell – but that doesn’t really solve the problem. No, it takes the services of qualified waterproofing company to come to your home and find the source or sources of the leak and administer solutions to close the opening to stop water from entering your home. Leave the work to us at AM Waterproofing Solutions, our expertise and experience put us head and shoulders above our competition. We can meet the challenges head on, apply solutions that are cost-effective and get the work done right and within our estimate.

Waterproofing prevent problems

  • Mold and dry rot created by a leaky foundation or entry points in other areas of the house can cause damage to the home, but what about the residents? If you don’t know you have mold growing in your home, you can be exposed to mold spores that float around in the atmosphere of our homes. If you have black mold in your home, it could more than hazardous it could be downright dangerous. Lung cancer can be caused by inhaling mold spores and the spores are so small that you will never know you are inhaling them until it is too late. Draining the water, preventing the leaks from re-occurring and improving the ventilation in the area where mold was discovered are some of the things we do when we treat your home’s water leak problems.
  • Dealing with hazardous substances like black mold or dry rot requires specialized training and products to stop mold from spreading. We use a product that is revolutionary – it is a spray on substance that closes the mold off from air and humidity – the two things that help it grow and proliferate.
  • To work as a contractor in Ontario, your company needs to hold a couple of different certifications to be able to operate. We carry insurance, are licensed to work in our trade and we carry municipal registration to carry out our tasks in any community we work in.
  • All products that are installed or used in the prevention of mold or dry rot are free of any toxins and can be classified as environmentally friendly.
  • Our suppliers have excellent warranties for their products and our services come with our signature warranty, a 10-year labour guarantee as a commitment to the best work we can do.

Don’t let water leaks and the conditions it produces to make your basement or attic a no-go zone, reach out to us at AM Waterproofing Solutions for the help you need to bring your home back to the place it was before the water got in. For more than six decades our company has solved problems that have afflicted a homeowner’s quality of life and we can provide the solutions you need when you need them.

We have a free consultation, a free estimate and a no-cost evaluation of your water leak problems at the ready when you call us today at 519.826.6969  

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