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First order of business as a homeowner is to keep the elements out – it starts with a quality roof and good structure for the home and you are away to the races. But we have to battle with water – it comes in the form of precipitation and rain – and the shapeless liquid has a propensity to leak into an opening that it can find, no matter how small or large. Water can get in through the roof, the windows and basement and that is big problem that need to be addressed sooner rather than later based on the consequences. When see you have problems like water on the floor, or a musky smell in the basement, you know you have a water leak problem. At this point, call a professional to deal with the fallout of the leaks and he will provide solutions to keep the water out once and for all. At AM Waterproofing Solutions London, we are the right contractor at the right time with the right skills to get rid the problems that your home is experiencing. A competent staff, strong on problem solving and working within the estimate is just some of the advantages of working with us at AM Waterproofing Solutions when you need you home dried up with a waterproofing repair.

The importance of waterproofing

  • We value our good health and one way to protect it is through the maintenance of a warm, dry environment in our homes. But, we can’t always guarantee that because we never know when we might have a water leak or where. If water leaks in our homes over time and we have poor ventilation in the areas that the leak is occurring we will have mold growing in our homes. Mold exposure can cause lung disease because mold spores are small enough to be inhaled and when it gets into our lungs over a prolonged period it mean lung disease. Sealing leaky areas and improving ventilations is the first step to rid your home of mold and that will protect your kith and kin in the process.
  • To eliminate mold is serious business, and we at AM Waterproofing Solutions are well trained to deal with mold – it may not be as dangerous as asbestos but the principle is the same. We use a spray-on material that will seal mold behind a barrier that prevents it from spreading and eliminates any health risk to residents. With us at AM Waterproofing Solutions, safety is job one and you can expect us to treat your home like it was our own.
  • As a going concern in the waterproofing business, we hold provincial certification to operate as a business, we are municipally registered as a trades company to provide the services we advertise and we hold insurance to mandate out activities as a full-service waterproofing company. As for the material and products we use. We have been certified by the manufacturers as a trusted installers for their products and materials and that is something not every waterproofing company can say.
  • The products and materials that we install in your home are non-toxic and pose no threat to the environment.
  • All the materials we use has excellent warranties attached to them and we issue a strong labour warranty for any work we do. Since 1956, we have issued a 10-year workmanship warranty to cover all the work we provide and it is one of the longest workmanship warranties in our business.

You don’t have to live in a swamp, you can reach out to us at AM Waterproofing Solutions to get any water leaks you have under control once and for all. For over 60-years we have been creating solutions from problems and our work well known across our sector.

For a free estimate, a free in-home consultation and free inspection, callus today at AM Waterproofing Solutions London at 518.668.1555.  

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