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When you go into the basement of attic do notice a smell that wasn’t present before or do you see different colours appearing on the rafters or floorboards that have been there before? If you answered yes to one or both questions, you just might have a water leak that is turning into a health hazard in your home. Mold and dry rot will grow unabated in environments that are damp and moist and see little ventilation – once that happens a potential biohazard is the direct result of the proliferation of spores in a home and it can have fatal consequences. As far as the home is concerned, the damage that mold and dry rot will do can have an impact on the structural integrity also. Wood rot will weaken floorboards; cause beams to sag and become a huge home repair cost to alleviate all the damage that those drops of water have caused. Recognizing the problem and taking action on it is two different things, but make no mistake, when you have these problems call a professional immediately to get any or all the help you need. At AM Waterproofing Solutions we are the right fit for the problem and we can remediate any leaks that are causing problems and leave you and your family well protected from mold and dry rot. Our strength is based on the people we employ, all technicians have a great deal of experience working with mold and they have many years working in situations that are less than ideal when dealing with water leaks that cause problems in our customer’s homes.

Waterproofing, not just home protection

  • While our home might be our most important financial asset, our family is our most prized possession. Protecting our loved ones is job one and when you have a water leak in your home it needs to be dealt with ASAP. The results of the water leak in areas that have limited or no fresh air ventilation will cause problems that can have a long-term health impact on you and yours. Mold and dry rot are the byproducts of water leaks – bacteria will grow any place that has the right environment to produce spores – generally dank, dark moist areas – it may be predominantly in the basement but mold and rot will appear where we least expect it, like the attic. When our family is inhaling spores for a prolonged period of time, it can impact their lungs and cause respiratory failure later in life – better to get on the problem right now that let it sit for any period – it is a health risk that is unnecessary and entirely preventable when you have your home serviced by us at AM Waterproofing Solutions.
  • In order to be able to be able to deal with mold, we use a sealant that will cordon off the mold and stop it from growing and spreading spores to the rest of the house. When the material dries mold is eliminated forever and it is guaranteed.
  • In any business, safety is considered the most important aspect of any job we do, and in our business handling, water leaks and the accompanying fallout is our first priority. Apart from the important training that technician needs to handle the mold and rot – and when we cover it with the sealant and we are extremely vigilant about how we do so to keep the infection from spreading through unintended consequences.
  • Our company, AM Waterproofing Solutions, is fully licensed and accredited as a contractor – we carry insurance, we are municipally licensed and maintain a hazardous material license for our work.
  • When we treat problems in your home to stop the invasion of water, the products have a warranty to cover a homeowner and the labour is covered by warranty also. It is a partnership of sorts, the products we use come with a warranty from our supplier and the labour we provide is covered under a 10-year labour warranty that we have issued since we began operations back in the 1950’s.

Our time in the business world is a long one – over 60-years – and we like to think our longevity is the direct result of fair dealing, quality work, great products and some of the best technicians in the field. For a no-cost meeting, a free in-home inspection and free estimate, call us at AM Waterproofing Solutions today at 1.705.689.8688.

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