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Last time you were in the basement, you had to dig something out of the crawl space and you noticed an odour that wasn’t there before. At first, you thought it was a lack of fresh air in the basement, so you opened a window to let some air flow through and though nothing more of it. Fast forward a couple of weeks and you are back in the basement rummaging around for that old photo album for a walk down memory lane, and you catch a whiff of that odour again, but this time you see water on the floor by the crawl space. Then it hits you, water is leaking in the basement and this is a cause for alarm. That odour you were inhaling was the smell of mold growing in your basement and upon closer inspection you see dry rot growing on the wood supports that hold up the floor. After consulting the Internet, you start to understand the scope of the problem and realize you are incapable of providing any relief for it. The need for a contractor is the light that goes on and instinctively you start a search for waterproofing companies to come to your aid. AM Waterproofing Solutions should be your default choice for service because we have all the knowledge and experience to solve your mold and leak problems. One of the many advantages to working with us at AM Waterproofing Solutions is that we have the best technicians in the business, highly trained and professional experience is what they bring to the table and it shows in the quality of work that we provide.

There is never a bad time to waterproof your home

  • In order to provide a secure environment for your family in your home, you need to be able to say you are on top of all the details that are involved. Water leaks pose an existential threat to the residents because the big problem with water leaks is what follows – mold and wood rot in poorly ventilated areas. Mold and dry rot proliferate because the spores that help them grow will move through the atmosphere and will be inhaled by residents in the homes they are in. This can create lung damage and has the potential to have long respiratory effects on the residents and the worst part of the situation is they may not be aware of the situation. One way that a homeowner can become cognizant of the problems is through a musky smell or stains in areas that have poor ventilation or damp areas. When you find this situation has visited your home, you must take steps to eradicate the mild and dry rot growth for the protection of family and home.
  • At AM Waterproofing Solutions we have provided extensive training to all of our technicians who will deal with mold and dry rot. The process works like this: we spray on a sealer that will eliminate any chance for the mold or dry rot to grow because we have eliminated their source of life – humidity and poor ventilation.
  • Safety is the most important aspect when dealing with mold and dry rot and we can say that based on our training and ability to handle the substances that may grow in your basement or attic.
  • When you entrust your family’s safety to us at AM Waterproofing Solutions, we want you to know that we hold all the credentials we need to be considered a legitimate operation in the province of Ontario. We carry insurance, we are licensed municipally as a contractor, and as mentioned before all of technicians have been trained to handle noxious materials.
  • Our choice of products for the problems you are experiencing are non-toxic and environmentally compatible with our commitment to using green products to solve problems. 
  • Warranties come with our product line and the manufacturer supports the products’ warranty – the labour component of the work is covered by the AM Waterproofing Solutions 10-year labour warranty and it should position a homeowner to enjoy many years of worry-free living in their home.

For more than 60-years we have been in the service of our customer base providing better than good solutions to their water and mold problems that can erupt at a moment’s notice. For a free estimate, and in-home inspection, and a no-obligation consultation with one of our experts, pick up the phone and call us at AM Waterproofing Solutions today at 519.371.1500.

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