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Deck Waterproofing

Considering the time, money and effort it takes to build a functional deck, you’ll want to make sure that you can enjoy it for years to come. Your deck system is in constant contact with the elements, and without proper waterproofing, and maintenance, there is a good chance that it will start to break down far before its time. It is recommended that you waterproof your deck once a year, to keep it in pristine condition, but with the waterproofing products that we offer, this will be a thing of the past. UV rays, snow, ice, and heavy rains can affect the usefulness of your current waterproofing system, and in turn affect the deck itself.

Waterproofed deck with eco-friendly spray coatAt AM Waterproofing Solutions, our quality waterproofing products have a high UV resistance, and can stand well, even in the face of extreme temperatures. The deck waterproofing products that we use, are able to be applied to a variety of materials, including wood, and vinyl. The high degree of elasticity that our waterproofing products have, allows it to withstand the impact of family life, and gives it unique contraction/expansion capabilities. The waterproof coatings that we use, are extremely eco friendly, free of any VOC’s, and water based. So you protect your deck system, with little to no impact on the environment.

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