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Flat Roof Repair

The majority of commercial and industrial buildings, will have a flat roof, though material, and application techniques can vary. TPO, EPDM, and even metal, are just a few of the flat roof application options available. Regardless of the products used, and depending on the quality of installation, flat roof repairs can become common, as the roofing system ages. With flat roofing deficiencies, come leaks, and occasionally irreparable damage, and due to the nature of commercial and industrial buildings, and what they tend to contain, this can become an expensive issue. In the past, every flat roofing system would have a unique composition, needing a unique roof repair solution. With our new waterproofing product, protecting your flat roofing system from damage has never been easier. Our waterproofing solutions are able to be effectively applied to almost any existing flat roofing system.

Waterproofed flat roofDespite the name, a flat roof is never perfectly flat. It should always be slanted, either towards the perimeter, or interior of the roofing system allowing for proper drainage. If a flat roof is unable to drain properly, this is where issues can occur, and you may wind up with a significant problem referred to as ponding. Exactly as the name would suggest, ponding is basically just the pooling of water, caused by heavy rains or melting snow, that is unable to drain due to an insufficient slope. With the issue of sitting water, comes the issue of rot and algae growth. These problems can cause severe deficiencies in the functionality of your flat roofing system, and can cause your flat roof, whether industrial, commercial, or residential, to fail far before its lifespan suggests. Leaks are also known to occur at the seams of your roofing system, especially if ice buildup is an issue. The best way to reduce the chance of these issues occurring, is to take the proper preventative measures. Such as having a quality waterproofing product applied during your roof replacement. Although this would be the ideal solution, our premium waterproofing solutions can be applied at anytime, regardless of the existing flat roofing material. In the past, an emergency flat roof repair could be incredibly costly, and disruptive to your everyday activities, especially in a work environment. This ground-breaking product allows us to stop leaks quickly, and efficiently, regardless of the current weather conditions. The ability to apply this product even during heavy rains, truly is a game changer, as we are now able to provide our customers with a permanent flat roof repair solution, even in the harshest of weather.

Our high quality waterproofing products can be sprayed directly onto the interior decking of your industrial building, for added protection from the elements, and also as a layer of protection from the rising moisture caused by hot air within the building itself. This highly tested waterproofing product, is able to perform extremely well in all weather conditions. And due to its incredible flexibility even in the coldest of temperatures, this eco friendly waterproofing product is able to withstand the stresses caused by seasonal expansion and contraction of your flat roof, and is unaffected by the weight of snow, and ice. Its low perm rating, guarantees minimal, to no permeation of water, or water vapour, providing exceptional protection from the elements. Being a completely odorless substance ensures that your employees, or family, will not be effected in the slightest by the application process. This product can be applied in many layers, depending on the level of protection that is needed. Unlike other waterproofing products, our eco friendly waterproofing solution does not require any tear offs, eliminating the cost of waste disposal. Our waterproofing products can be efficiently applied to any flat roofing material, and is able to set within hours of the original application, providing almost instant protection. This quality waterproofing product is free of any harmful VOC’s, or Volatile Organic Compounds. This waterproofing application is warrantied for a number of years, and at the end of that term if reapplication is desired, no removal of the existing material is needed. And unlike the paint that is traditionally used, which can crack under the stresses of regular movement, our products are able to compensate for stresses caused by weather related expansion, and contraction, remaining effective through the worst of mother nature. This material can be layered as many times as needed, as long as the weight is able to stay within the restrictions for your particular roofing system.

At AM Waterproofing Solutions, a division of AM Group of Companies, we offer some of the most effective waterproofing sealants, in Canada. Our highly certified, and insured employees specialise in the application of these waterproofing products, and are extremely proficient in their use in flat roof repairs. Since 1956, we have been exceeding our customers every expectation, and we are proud to be able to continue to do so, with our quality waterproofing solutions. These waterproofing products are fairly unique to the industry as they are 100% eco friendly, odorless, water based, and free of any harmful VOC’s. This premium product is cold applied, completely preventing the risk of any fire, or heat related damage upon application. Every application of our waterproofing product, comes with a warranty, guaranteeing its usefulness for 10 years, as well.

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