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Metal Roof Repair

The longevity expected out of a metal roofing system, is one of the reasons as to why its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. Additionally, metal roofing does tend to add significant value to your home, because of it’s exceptional durability in the face of extreme weather. ‘Metal’ itself is an extremely general term, as there are a wide variety of metal roofing options, including steel, copper, aluminum, and more. All of which retain a significantly increased lifespan, when compared to other types of roofing materials. That being said, as durable as a metal roofing system may be, routine maintenance and repairs will still be needed.

Spray coating in progress on a metal roofEvery metal roofing system will have seams, regardless of whether it was installed as large sheets, or in a shingle style. These seals, where the metal plates fit together, as well as around venting, and screws, represent the weakest parts of the metal roofing system, and the places most likely to experience leaks. Most times during a metal roof installation, a sealant will be used, the durability of this sealant is questionable, however. The main reason for the failure of a metal roof, is not because of the material itself, but because over a number of years, water can occasionally penetrate the weakest parts, causing substantial leaks within your home, or business. This of course, can lead to tremendous damage to your homes interior, including the attic space, ceiling and drywall, and depending on the contents, these leaks can cause extreme damage to the interior of your commercial, or industrial building, as well. This does not necessarily correlate to a shoddy installation either, and is unfortunately one of the many common weather, and age-related issues that any roofing system can experience, in our unique climate. Rust can also become an issue with metal roofing applications, especially in commercial buildings where a large amount of heat can rise, causing condensation on the underside of the roofing system. Our high quality waterproofing sealants can be used as a rust resistant coating for the underside of the roofing system, significantly reducing the chance of rust development. In order to properly prevent any issues regarding water damage, or rust, a premium waterproof coating should also be applied, preferably during installation, but anytime is better than not at all. Many of the waterproofing solutions available on the market today, are not able to withstand the severe temperature variations that we consistently experience in our province, and are made from highly toxic materials. At AM Waterproofing Solutions, a division of AM Group of Companies, we offer quality waterproofing products, and of course, solutions. The all natural, VOC free, water based sealants that we offer are guaranteed to outlast the competition, and protect your metal roofing system for years to come. Our premium waterproofing materials are waste free, and easy to apply. These sealants are also able to set within hours of the original application, and as such, will begin to provide your metal roof with the added protection it needs, almost immediately. As metal roofing systems age, corrosion can become an issue. Regular roof repairs may become constant, and you may be considering a full roof replacement. For large, flat metal roofing systems this can be a costly renovation, and one that will no longer be needed with the use of our eco friendly, and highly effective waterproofing, and corrosion protective products.

The spray sealants that we offer, are unlike any on the market, today. Unlike traditional waterproofing, the materials that we choose to use are specifically designed to endure a variety of stresses, and can be applied over your existing roofing material. Our all natural waterproofing solutions, are cold applied, preventing any risk of fire related damage. These waterproofing products are able to withstand the weight of snow and ice, are impervious to damaging UV rays, and are flexible enough to stand up to the regular expansion/contraction of your roofing system. They have a low perm rating, meaning that it has a high resistance to both water, and water vapour. These unique waterproofing products can also be applied while the roof is wet, and even in the rain. This is highly significant, especially if you experience an emergency leak situation, or need a perforation sealed immediately. Depending on the unique needs of your metal roof, our high-quality sealants can be applied in multiple layers for added protection, if needed. 

The premium waterproof applications that we offer are as follows:

  • Spray-on Sealant: This product is a highly flexible, spray applied waterproofing solution that has the ability to set almost instantly, producing a highly effective waterproof membrane on a variety of surfaces, foundations, basements, etc. These sealants are highly resistant to damaging UV rays, organic growth, and they are incredibly effective for corrosion protection.
  • Hand Applied Sealants: These products are most effective for low sloped, or flat roofing systems and are able to sufficiently repair aging roofing systems. These premium coatings are also highly effective when repairing rusted, or corroded metal roofing systems. Applied using a brush/roller, or Caulking tube/Trowel these sealants have the ability to adapt to surface movement, and drastic changes in temperature without losing any of their effectiveness. Our eco friendly waterproof solutions are also extremely effective for sealing, and repairing small cracks, or perforations.

Our waterproofing solutions are backed by a 10 year warranty. At the end of this warranty period, if our sealants are to be reapplied, we can do so directly on top of the previous application. This process can be completed as many times as needed over the lifespan of your metal roofing system, and is only limited by the weight restrictions of your roofing system.

At AM Waterproofing Solutions, a division of AM Group of Companies, we are committed to our customers, and choose to offer only the very best in roofing materials, and waterproof membranes. Our waterproofing rates are highly competitive for the quality services that we offer, and we are proud to have the opportunity to provide our customers with an environmentally conscious solution to their metal roof repair needs.

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