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Underground Parking Waterproofing

Mold on underground parking pillarOur population is constantly growing, and with an increasing population, comes a significant increase in vehicles on the road. In densely populated areas there is a constant issue with the amount of parking available, and this has seen an increase in underground parking structures. Most times, these underground parking garages are built beneath large condos, or office buildings making parking more convenient for residents, and employees, while making our roadways less congested and improving the aesthetics of many city blocks. Because these parking spaces are in fact underground, their outer walls are constantly surrounded by water, and without the proper waterproofing, significant issues can arise. 

In order to sufficiently strengthen the concrete used for the foundation and walls of these tall buildings, it is reinforced with heavy steel bars, called rebar. The biggest issue when it comes to water damage within an underground parking garage has less to do with the concrete, and more to do with the rebar. Being steel, if rebar is exposed to water over a long period of time, it will start to rust, weaken, and expand, putting pressure on its surroundings, causing large chunks of the concrete to break off. This can not only cause significant damage to surrounding vehicles, but it can also weaken the entire structure of the building itself, if enough concrete is lost. This concern is exacerbated in climates in which salt is regularly used during the winter time, as this road salt, when mixed with the invading water, can significantly speed up this oxidation process, causing issues far more quickly.

All new builds are coated with a waterproof sealant, this sealant is expected to last for up to 25 years post application, however, many factors can reduce its effectiveness far before its time. Vibrations caused by heavy traffic in the area, regular foundation shifting, and extreme temperatures can have an extremely adverse affect on some of these waterproof membranes. Having to replace the waterproof membrane in an underground parking garage is one of the most expensive issues that condo owners can face. This is precisely why a premium waterproofing product should be chosen during the initial building phase.

At AM Waterproofing Solutions, a division of AM Group of Companies, we offer a wide variety of residential, industrial, and commercial grade waterproofing products. All of our products are backed by long warranties, and are some of the most eco friendly waterproofing solutions on the market. Our premium waterproofing products are cold applied, eliminating the risk of any heat, or fire related damages. Our waterproofing membranes, are able to set within a very short period of time, providing a complete waterproof seal almost instantly. These products are made of elastomeric materials, and as such are extremely flexible, and able to compensate for the stresses caused by regular foundation shifting, and extremely low temperatures. Every waterproofing product that we offer is free of any harmful VOC’s, is odor free, and can be applied in small, and awkward spaces. The waterproofing products that we offer, are also available in a variety of colour options to help match the existing building colour.

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