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Wet Basement Repair

Many factors can result in a wet, or moisture laden basement area. As with any structure built within the ground, dampness issues can become commonplace. Cracks in your foundation walls, and concrete floor can allow water, and water vapor to invade your living, or storage space, resulting in mold growth and mildew development, or in extreme cases, complete structural damage. The problems that can be caused by allowing these issues to continue without sufficient basement waterproofing, or basement repair solutions, are far reaching. And considering how simple a qualified basement repair can be, there really is no reason to delay.

In order to rectify these issues properly, we recommend contacting a reputable waterproofing company to inspect the issues, and determine a sufficient repair solution.

There are many advantages to having your wet basement issues repaired. Those include:

  • Increasing the value of your home
  • Removing any odors caused by mildew
  • Gaining the ability to use your basement are in any way you see fit, without the threat of flooding, or moisture issues
  • Preventing any health issues that can develop as a result of mold inhalation
  • And Preventing any moisture related structural damage

At AM Waterproofing Solutions, we understand that every basement is unique in its structure, and will have its own unique issues. Our certified waterproofing professionals, are highly trained and able to provide you with a comprehensive basement inspection, to determine its exact needs. Our services may include a combination of our premium sealants, depending on your basement repair needs.

Basement repair work in progressAll of the waterproofing solutions that we offer, are free of any VOCs, making them environmentally friendly, and non-toxic. The waterproof coatings that we offer, are able to be used in small, and awkward areas, with no negative effects. Our sealants are completely odor free, and pose no health risk to you, your family, or pets. They are able to set almost instantaneously, providing you with the immediate moisture protection that you need. These premium waterproofing solutions are specifically designed to stand up to the stresses caused by regular foundation movement, and are guaranteed to last for ten years. We use top of the line waterproofing solutions, and our sealants are offered in a variety of colours to match the whichever substrate is currently in place.

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